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3” and 4” Apollo systems

The filters are based on our innovative disc technology that captures and retains a large amount of solids. Its unique and efficient hydraulic self-cleaning backwash mechanism requires low water consumption, saves energy demands, minimal maintenance. It is simple to operate, has a short automatic backwash and permanently eliminates the need to replace filter media.

The 3” and 4” Apollo systems range in flow rates from 90 m3/h (395 gpm) to 600 m3/h (2,640 gpm) with filtration degrees ranging from 20 – 400 micron. Inlet /Outlet from 150-300 mm (6”–12”) diameter.

Apollo Models:

  • 3” Apollo Angle Batteries
  • 3” Apollo Angle Batteries with External Source
  • 4” Apollo Twin Batteries
  • 4” Apollo Twin Batteries with External Source