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AMCON Sludge Dewatering

Press VOLUTE™ EC Series

EC series has been evaluated higher in the long-run since it launched in 2001. Having a sludge conditioning tank which enables not only more than 95% solids-capture-rate in fi­ltrate water but also easy installation on site, this model acquires by a lot of customers even now.

Press VOLUTE™ FS Series

FS series is the basic dewatering press equipped with every advantage such as water-saving, power-saving, low noise, and others. In the control panel, PLC touch-screen is applied the same as GS high-end model so that any operators can not only see the current operation of each equipment at a sight but also take easy handling of a machine by finger-touching.

Press VOLUTE™ GS Series

GS series is the high-end dewatering press equipped with various functions. Applying the new pre-thickening mechanism in the flocculation tank, maximum 1.5 times throughput is achieved comparing with FS series. Also, ‘VAS (VOLUTE™ Antilock System)’ is normally loaded, which supports the stable operations continuously to achieve a far more User-Friendly model