• Based on Amiad’s proven suction scanning screen filtration technology
  • Highly efficient self-cleaning mechanism; fine filtration performances, down to 10 micron
  • Small footprint
  • Exceptionally high filtration area & flow per unit
    ASME / ATEX / IECEX, available on request
  • Applications: Membrane Protection, Municipal Water, Industrial Water, Oil&Gas and Irrigation
* Patent pending
How the Omega Filter Works

The Amiad Omega Series are automatic filters, with multiple screens operated by a common electric driven screen
cleaning mechanism. The “Omega” filter flow rate range is up to 5,000 m³/h (22,000 gpm) and from 10-500 micron
filtration degree. Inlet/Outlet flanged connections are available in the range of 200-800 mm (8”-32”).

The Filtration Process
Raw water enters from the filter inlet and passes through the multi-screens. Filtered water flows through the filter
outlet. The gradual dirt buildup on the inner multi-screen’s surface causes a filter cake to develop, with a corresponding
increase in the pressure differential across the multi-screens. A pressure differential switch senses the pressure differential and when it reaches a pre-set value, the self cleaning process begins.

The Self-Cleaning Process
Cleaning of the filter is carried out by multiple suction scanners with an option for SLN (Spring Loaded Nozzles) which simultaneously scan the multi-screens by a common electric motor driven gear mechanism. The DP switch signals to open the exhaust valves creating a high velocity suction stream at the nozzle scanner tips which “vacuums” the filter cake from the multi screens.
During the self-cleaning process, which takes approximately 25 seconds, filtered water continues to flow downstream.
The Control System
The Omega’s operation and cleaning cycle is controlled and monitored by a Programmable Logic Control (PLC).
The PLC allows maximum flexibility in control options and is provided with a wide range of control options from
an independent stand alone controller to a fully integrated one with the customer’s central control system. During the
self-cleaning cycle the PLC controls a solenoid that operates the exhaust valves by means of a hydraulic command or compressed air.
The self-cleaning cycle begins under any one of the following conditions:
  1. Receiving a signal from the Pressure Differential Switch
  2. Time interval parameter set at the control board
  3. Manual Start
The control board also provides:
  • Optional continuous flush mode
  • Flush cycles counter
  • Alarm output – may be used to open a bypass, shut-off a pump, etc.
Omega Models:
Amiad’s Omega product line consists of the following models:
  • Omega I Standard 13,500 cm2 (2,100 in2) & Enlarged (E) 18,000 cm2 (2,800 in2)
  • Omega II Standard 27,000 cm2 (4,185 in2) & Enlarged (E) 36,000 cm2 (5,600 in2)
  • Omega III Standard 54,000 cm2 (8,400 in2) & Enlarged (E) 72,000 cm2 (11,200 in2)
  • Omega IV Standard 81,000 cm2 (12,600 in2) & Enlarged (E) 108,000 cm2 (16,700 in2)